Ward 4 Transitional Housing – Update

From a KSDC Board Member and Ward 4 Resident:

Tonight I attending a walk-through of the transitional housing at 5th and Kennedy. I have attached the agenda and slides they presented. There were five neighbors and about 10 DC government officials/project related people.

No big updates to give you. They still don’t know when groundbreaking will take place but hoping for mid July. Also they have not figured out construction and how it will impact the sidewalk and 5th street with access.

They did say the housing will be for families for a 2-6 month timeframe, I believe before they noted a 60-90 day timeframe.

They will be putting up a huge sign up describing the project soon. Also once construction begins they will have a website that is updated regularly as well as monthly updates to listserves. The site will be secured during construction and monitored in off hours.

They will be checking on the 62/63 bus line expansion since that would be helpful to the families living there. There will be 11 parking spots underground.

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