Join the Takoma DC Compost Coop – August 26th on Aug 26

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Join the Takoma DC Compost Coop – August 26th
https://d19rpgkrjeba2z.cloudfront.net/18ba5184eb7f7508/static/nextdoorv2/images/email/icon-events-clock.jpg Sat, Aug 26, 9:00 AM – Sat, Aug 26, 10:00 AM
https://d19rpgkrjeba2z.cloudfront.net/18ba5184eb7f7508/static/nextdoorv2/images/email/icon-events-location.jpg Takoma Community Garden – 300 Van Buren St. NW
https://d19rpgkrjeba2z.cloudfront.net/18ba5184eb7f7508/static/nextdoorv2/images/email/icon-events-info.jpg Hello!

As a part of the DC Parks and Rec Community Compost Cooperative Network, we invite you to attend a Compost Coop training on Saturday, August 26th at 9AM at the compost bin at the Takoma Park Community garden at 300 Van Buren St NW, Washington, DC 20012.

Trained community members will have access to the compost bins at Takoma Park community garden to compost food scraps to responsibly create high quality compost. Responsibilities for compost co-op members are limited:

– Take a 1-hour training on compost best practices/cooperative governance
– Provide an active form of communication (email, phone number, etc)
– Volunteer to turn/shift/remediate compost once every 3 months or more if needed

Please RSVP. If you cannot make this time and are still interested, please email malloryschwarz to let me know that as well, and we will work to set an additional date.


Mallory & Brenda Read more

https://d19rpgkrjeba2z.cloudfront.net/18ba5184eb7f7508/static/nextdoorv2/images/email/icon-events-host.jpg Posted by Mallory Schwarz from Takoma

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