Congrats to Multiple Kennedy St Awardees of Great Streets Grant!

Hello everyone!

We have a lot of winners of Great Streets grants on Kennedy Street this year! Great Streets grants are awarded to specific small retail businesses. Maximum grant is $50K.

This is not to be confused with the ongoing Main Streets grant effort, which is now being undertaken in tandem by KSDC and CAUFS. That much bigger grant is aimed at revitalizing the entire commercial corridors of Kennedy St and Upper 14th St NW.

Kennedy St. proprietors old and new won big this year, including (in alphabetic order):

ANXO Cidery and Tasting Room, 711 Kennedy: $50,000;
Blandi Child Learning Center, 504 Kennedy: $50,000;
Children’s Hut, 510 Kennedy: $50,000;
Kennedy Italian Restaurant (future Rotundo at 701): $50,000
Selassie Market, 705 Kennedy: $49,736.69
Unity International Market, 104 Kennedy: $49,200

Other recipients in our vicinity of Ward 4;

Brightwood Mart, 4034 Georgia: $47,000
Curious Mind Bilingual Child Center, 5309 Georgia: $34,150
Karat Cakery at 5505 Colorado: $49,911.02
Qualia Coffee at 3900 block of Georgia: $50,000
Super Saver Grocery and Deli, 4413 14th: $50,000
Little Coco’s, 3907 14th: $50,000

The official list of FY 2017 Great Streets grant awardees is attached below.

Isn’t this fantastic? Congratulations to our proprietors! Make a point of stopping in and congratulating them. Looking forward to great things!

Nancy Roth
Commissioner, 4D01

Great Streets FY17-Grantee-List_0.pdf

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