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Ooh! One of my all time favorite mangakas, but then again, who doesn’t like Natsume Isaku?

I’ve read most of her works and loved about every single one of them! However, my favorite might have to be either Kiraboshi Dial or Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo. It’s too difficult to decide.

Whenever I read her work at night in bed(which is the best time to read yaoi in my opinion), I would end up giggling and smiling like a psychopath, trying not to wake up other members of the house. I adore her works, I definitely need to read some that I haven’t started.

Her art isn’t the best in my opinion, but it’s one of the definitely more nicer styles, especially after seeing so many yaoi hands. Her storylines however are so heartwarming and light, and the characters just hypnotize you.

Natsume Isaku is a mangaka I recommend you check out. I love her works, and it feels like a sin to just not love her.

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