omg! interesting reading

I’ve föund a gööd böök which makes interesting reading, please read it here open link

All the best, Cheri Abbott

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I have been an avid crocheter for years, but have always felt that knitted items are more glamorous some how, ha! I was super intimidated but decided to give it a shot after reading about the success of crocheters using the continental style of knitting. It felt like it came pretty naturally and I’m super proud of my first project! I used some random acrylic bulky yarn from my stash and a 6.5mm circular needle. I bought some Knitters Pride circular needles and worked the whole item on there using the magic loop technique to the end, but think for future projects I’m going to learn double point needles, since it got super tricky as it got so small. Thanks for looking 🙂

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