Legislative Introduction Snapshot 10.3.17

Dear Neighbors,

Today, Councilmember Todd introduced the following measures at the Council’s monthly Legislative Meeting:

· “Office of Nightlife Establishment Act of 2017”

o Establishes a new Office under EOM that would be responsible for balancing the need for growing night life and the needs of residential areas. The Office would be the point of contact after hours for businesses and residents to solve problems that are handled during the day. There would also be a 5 person commission that will advise and work with the Office.

· “D.C. Athletic Commission Amendment Act of 2017”

o Proposed a new name change for the Boxing and Wrestling Commission to encompass all physical combat sports.

o Update the Commission to comply with national rules regarding amateur boxing, fines, Mixed Martial Arts, and provide the office with grant making authority.

· “World Mental Health Awareness Day Recognition Ceremonial Act of 2017”

o Aims to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of eliminating the social stigma attached to it.

Councilmember Todd co-introduced & co-sponsored the following bills with his peers:

· “Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate Amendment Act of 2017” (with Councilmember Cheh)

o The bill would require DMV to issue a motor vehicle ID tag that promotes breast cancer awareness. Applicants for the plate would pay a $25 application fee, plus a $20 annual display fee, and the funds would be deposited in the Community Health Care Financing Fund for the purpose of promoting breast cancer prevention and treatment. A draft is attached. Please let me know if your CM would like to sign on.

· “Field Access Equity Amendment Act of 2017” (with Councilmember Cheh)

o To permit the Mayor to grant a hardship based waiver or reduction of athletic field permit fees to non-profit athletic leagues with a membership of at least 65% District residents

· “Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2017(with Councilmember Silverman)

o This legislation would create an assistance program for District seniors who are facing foreclosure on a reverse mortgage. The new program would provide a subsidy payment for overdue property taxes and insurance for reverse mortgage borrowers who are in the process of losing their homes to foreclosure. To qualify for the program, the homeowner must first meet certain requirements, such as income limits. After meeting these requirements, the District would pay the outstanding balance and record an equivalent lien that would require repayment of the funds when the homeowner pays off the reverse mortgage or relinquishes the property. This program would keep some of our most vulnerable residents in their homes at a relatively low cost to the District, following a recent Washington Post article that highlighted this problem.

· “Dining with Dogs Act of 2017” (with Councilmember Gray)

o Enable food establishments to permit dogs in outdoor dining areas and unenclosed sidewalk cafes.

· “Lead Pipe Replacement and Disclosure Amendment Act of 2017” (with Councilmember Nadeau)

o The “Lead Pipe Replacement and Disclosure Amendment Act of 2017” would

o Establish a Voucher Program as another tool to help low-income families replace the lead pipes leading to the main shut off valve in the home.

o 100% assistance to those who earn under 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI);

o 60% assistance to those who earn between 50-80% AMI;

o All assistance would be limited to $800 so as to lend assistance to the greatest number of households, particularly low-income households.

o The Mayor would be required to provide adequate notice of the Voucher Program as well as a community liaison to inform residents of the risk of only partial lead pipe replacement and associated health risks.

o Landlords would be required to disclose the usage of any known lead pipes to tenants.

o Homeowners would be required to disclose the existence of known lead pipes to prospective buyers.

· “Sense of the Council Arts and Humanities in Education Resolution of 2017” (Councilmember Grosso)

o To inform this Sense of the Council, we collaborated with advocate groups who are working in schools to help provide funding and support for arts and humanities programing. The intent is to be a “north star” for how LEAs and schools can frame arts and humanities within their school curriculum. The language was guided by their research and national best practices.

· “Sense of the Council in Support of Legislative Action to Protect Temporary Protected Status Resolution of 2017” (with Councilmember McDuffie)

o To declare that the President and Congress should act immediately to extend Temporary Protection Status to foreign nationals whose countries are affected by ongoing armed conflict, environmental disasters, and extraordinary life-threatening conditions

· “Sense of the Council on Establishing Race, Equity, and Social Justice Resolution” (with Councilmember McDuffie)

o To declare that the Mayor should implement a 4 year plan that will encourage the government to consider race, equity, and social justice as a fundamental principle in policy-making and that will allow everyone in the District full and equal access to the opportunities for growth in the District

The bills will be available on LIMS, the Council’s Legislative Information System, in the next few days.

If you have any questions about the legislation please do not hesitate to reach out.



Keiko L. Yoshino

Legislative Director

Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon T. Todd

1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 105

Washington, D.C. 20004


Office: (202) 724-8052

Fax: (202) 741-0908


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