Letter from DPW Director Christopher Shorter

Dear Vehicle Owner:

You can now enroll in a new service offered by the DC Department of Public Works (DPW) to receive an electronic notification if your vehicle has been booted and/or towed.

Currently, drivers can call DPW’s towed vehicle locater hotline to determine where to retrieve a towed or relocated vehicle. With our new Tow and Boot Alert System, those enrolled will be notified by email or text message if a boot has been installed on (or removed from) their vehicle. It will also alert enrolled drivers if the vehicle has been towed or relocated by DPW, or a company working on our behalf.

We all know the critical role parking enforcement plays in the safe movement of traffic, but we also recognize the importance of providing timely communication regarding your vehicle in the event it is immobilized or moved by enforcement personnel. DPW’s new Tow and Boot Alert System will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get information about the status of your vehicle so you can get faster access.

Signing up to receive DPW’s tow and boot alerts is easy:

1. GO to our enrollment page at https://dcdpw.accioalert.com/register.

2. ENTER your telephone number or email address.

3. ACTIVATE your account once you receive the verification code.

4. ENROLL your vehicle.

You’re done!

DPW is employing technology to make the services we deliver more user-friendly. From connecting citizens with real time information on service delivery to keeping you in the loop when you sign up for our electronic bulletins, we aim to serve you better and, whenever possible, save you time.

Have a safe, happy weekend!

Christopher Shorter



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