SPCA community meeting Tuesday!

Despite there not having been rain for the past three weeks, you’ll see green popping up on lawns throughout the neighborhood over the long holiday weekend — in the form of signs reminding us all of Tuesday’s Shepherd Park Citizens Association meeting at 7 p.m. at Shepherd Elementary.

We’ll pay tribute to Marvin Caplan, who helped define Shepherd Park as the inclusive community we live in and celebrate today. If you’d like to add your voice to the testimonies, email me at pattison_mark@hotmail.com.

We’ll confirm Paula Edwards as our full-year treasurer and David Inoue as an SPCA delegate to the D.C. Federation of Citizens Associations for the remainder of the “year” (which ends with elections at the May meeting).

We’ll get and give updates on community events taking place currently and later, like the kids’ winter coat drive, next Saturday’s Georgia Avenue “plant-in,” Halloween-related activities, and more.

Plus, we’ll also put on our activist hat and seek support for a variety of endeavors intended to preserve and enhance Shepherd Park, including holding to accouint three establishments on Georgia that sell alcohol.

And no meeting notice would be complete without mention of tasty Ledo Pizza in abundance. See you Tuesday!

Mark Pattison

SPCA president


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