About the New Brightwoodian Blog

Welcome to the New Brightwoodian Blog.  Please do not let the name fool you.  This Blog is not just for residents of Brightwood.  I hope to write about information that pertains to all of Ward 4’s neighborhoods and is important to its residents.

If you have news, tips, events, etc. that you would like posted on the Blog please feel free to contact me at nisa655@gmail.com or 202.271.3710.

8 thoughts on “About the New Brightwoodian Blog

    • I think it has been an issue of space. We need to talk to our Council member about speaking with the National Park Service to make a small dog park perhaps at Fort Slocum Park. That area is highly underused and has enough space for a dog park and small playground along with the picnic tables that are already there.

      • Hi There, I am new to the area and very much agree. What would it entail to get this initiated? I know Fort Slocum would be a perfect place for a Dog Park….

      • Welcome to the neighborhood!!!!! I think this is most definitely something to work on. I am going to reach out to the readers and council member to see what can be done to get this started.

  1. Im so excited about this new blog! Please stick with it. Our community needs you :).

    Fyi– There is a public survey for folks wishing to offer their opinion on the upcoming Walter Reed development project. I just took the poll and its interesting. Also, there is a community meeting on July 18. You may want to blog about the survey and upcoming meeting. See info here: http://m.dc.curbed.com/archives/2013/06/a-survey-regarding-the-walter-reed-redevelopment-more.php


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